I am Sahil Singh. 

I did a B.Tech. in Bioengineering from IIT Kanpur.

My professional journey ignited with a Research Scientist Internship at Aurobindo Pharma, a titan of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Yet, my innate curiosity propelled me outside familiar territories, leading me to the fast-paced world of Quick Service Restaurants at Burger Singh. This formative startup experience instilled in me an adaptability and resourcefulness that remain valuable assets.

A subsequent role at Spinny, a burgeoning used car marketplace, provided an immersive opportunity to contribute meaningfully during the company's early growth stages. I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of scaling from a small team to a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

My passion for product development flourished further at 1K Kirana Bazar. Initially joining as an Assistant Product Manager, my commitment to delivering exceptional results earned me a promotion to Product Manager. I take pride in my recognized track record of leading product engineering, design, and software development initiatives.

Seeking to expand my professional toolkit, I pursued a rigorous Post Graduate Programme in Management from the esteemed Masters Union School of Business. This academic chapter ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. I founded a venture focused on enabling lending in the used commercial vehicle sector, and later pivoted to building an AI copilot for sales and customer experience teams in financial institutions. While ultimately ceasing operations, this endeavor equipped me with an indispensable understanding of the challenges and rewards inherent in building a business.

I stand before you today with a well-rounded skillset honed across diverse industries, eager to contribute my expertise within top tech companies. My core philosophy remains centered on harnessing technology as a catalyst for solving complex problems and improving lives. I possess a deep-rooted customer-centric approach, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a calculated risk-taking mindset oriented towards long-term impact.

Confident in my capacity to make tangible contributions, I would be honored to discuss how my experience can create value within your esteemed organization.

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You can reach out to me on sahilsingh7867@gmail.com